Coorie Doon is a Glasgow dance party built on the uplifting power of music and the collective joy of the dancefloor. We aim to capture the best of a house party experience, whilst being open to all. Our inspiration comes from the ethos of David Mancuso’s radical Loft party.

Our next party is at Civic House on Saturday 8 June. Advance tickets are sold out but we will be selling some on the door so get down early!

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The venue

We are delighted to be returning to Civic House First floor Studio for our next party. With its open plan space, wooden floors and vaulted ceiling, the venue is ideal for hosting our Loft-inspired party and delivering excellent room acoustics and house party atmosphere.

The sound

As before, we’re incredibly lucky to be working with two of the most influential people in the world of audiophile dance parties – Iain Mackie and Andrew Pirie. Iain is the Director of Danley Distribution and A-Live Sound, and has installed some of the best sound systems for venues and events around the world including We Out Here Festival. Andrew is a hi-fi expert at Loud and Clear, one of the UK’s leading high-end audio shops, in addition to running the excellent audiophile disco reissue label, Groove Line Records. Perhaps most importantly, Iain and Andrew were close associates of the late David Mancuso and were involved with some of the parties hosted by Mancuso in Glasgow in the early 2000s. For many years they have worked together on the sound for the Lucky Cloud Sound System – ‘the London Loft’.

The music

What might you hear on the night? As broad a spectrum as possible. Dance music can often feel tied down by expectations and we want to promote a freedom to explore its potential in a party environment. Our main priority is to play uplifting music that gives energy and brings people together in both a welcoming and intense celebration. Rhythmic, hypnotic and psychedelic sounds are all essentials whether that’s deep spiritual jazz, ecstatic Gospel, house, disco, reggae, cumbia, psychedelic soul, afrobeat...

If you want a preview of the type of music you might hear you can listen back to the full eight hour recording of our launch party.

The food & drink

We want the party to be a place for people to meet and get to know one another in and around the dancing so we open our doors early at 5pm with food being served in the downstairs space by the wonderful Milk Cafe who will be serving up their fantastic vegan food until 8pm – but to guarantee a plate remember to buy a ‘party+food’ ticket. A bar will also be run by Civic house.